Dana Krueger

Contact Information

Phone: (650) 316-6212
Email: dana@kruegerfamilylaw.com


U.C. Hastings College of the Law
Tax Concentration, Class of 2012

U.C. Santa Cruz
Philosophy, Class of 2008

Bar Associations

American Bar Association
California Bar Association
San Mateo County Bar Association
Santa Clara County Bar Association

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Friends of the San Mateo Law Library

About Dana Krueger

I can help you build a co-parenting relationship and untangle your assets so you can begin again.  At the start of a family law case, most people want a quick and amicable process that stays out of court.  I can help you achieve those goals, while also planning for trial in the background, just in case.

What I do for My Clients

I exclusively practice family law in San Mateo County and Santa Clara County.  Family law includes the following practice areas and issues:

  • Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage
  • Legal Separation
  • Paternity
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support (Alimony) 
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Division of Property and Assets
  • Domestic Violence

Your ONe Hour Consultation

You can schedule your one hour consultation by phone our email.  Before our consultation, I will ask you to answer a consultation questionnaire about your situation.  This process is useful because:

  • I will be familiar with your situation before we meet.
  • We can focus our conversation on what you feel is most important.
  • I can ensure that we have enough time to discuss complicated areas of the law that might apply to you.

During the consultation, we will discuss your situation, your concerns, and what goals you have for the next phase in your life.  We can discuss child custody arrangements, child and spousal support, the family house, how employee benefits and retirement accounts are divided, how hiring an attorney works, and any other questions you may have. 

How to Schedule Your Consultation

You can schedule your consultation by contacting my office by phone or email at:

Phone: (650) 316-6212 
Email: info@kruegerfamilylaw.com

My office is located in Palo Alto at:

Krueger Family Law, P.C.
Four Main Street, Suite 60
Los Altos, CA 94022


Your Representation

We will define your goals and then determine how we could achieve them.  I can help you stay out of court by proactively negotiating a fair marital settlement agreement.  I can also advocate for you in court.  If there is a specific issue that holds up the rest of the case, we can decide to go to court on that one issue and then resolve everything else with a fair settlement agreement.  We can also go to trial on all issues in your case.  It all depends on your needs and the specifics of your case.

I prioritize communication with my clients.  Although I cannot always be immediately available because I may be in court, my office can always be reached by phone or email.  It is my policy to return your call and answer your questions as soon as possible.  For your convenience, Krueger Family Law also accepts credit cards online.

Personal highlights

In 2012, I graduated from U.C. Hastings with a concentration in Tax Law.  After passing the bar that summer, I moved to Germany.  I joined the California Bar in December 2013 and I returned to California in the summer of 2014.  I worked at Sucherman Insalaco LLP, a family law firm in San Francisco, from June 2014 to August 2015.  

I also worked with private judges through ADR Services as a neutral attorney on complex family law litigation.  I gained a unique insight into how cases look from the court’s point of view.

In August 2015, I opened my own practice so I could practice family law in my own style.

My Hobbies and Interests

I love freshwater aquariums with live plants.  I have two tanks and I am still honing my aquascaping skills.  

I love listening to audiobooks, particularly science fiction and fantasy books.  My husband and I are also amateur archers.